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Vertical-Horizontal Parking System with CE and ISO
Sep 20, 2017


Vertical-Horizontal Parking System with CE and ISO Basic Info.


Model NO.:PSH


Type:Puzzle Parking System


Puzzle Parking Design:Double Post


Certification:CE, ISO


Voltage:as Require


Color:as Required








HS Code:84254290


Vertical-Horizontal Parking System with CE and ISO Product Description

Puzzle Parking Description
The top floor pallets can move up and down, lower floor pallets can move either left to right or up and down, ground floor can move either left to right. With Parking system, one vacant space on the entry floor and lower floor allows for horizontal and vertical shifting of all platforms. Just press a button, and the system automatically moves the platforms in the desired position. An access/exit lane must be available on the entry level, complying with the local regulations. This system can also be installed into small walled-up rooms. It mobilizes the existing space by using it the best possible way. The system providing independent parking spaces for cars, one on top of the other and side by side. The system is a drive-through system.

Vertical-Horizontal Parking System with CE and ISO Installation
The engineers can be oversea to instruct you to install of the car parking system, and within our warranty period, if there are any quality problem, we also can send engineers for free.    


parking system
size (mm)
L 5200 5000 4700
W 1900 1850 1800
H 1550 1550 1450
Weight (kgs) 2000 1800 1500
Suitable vehicle model T (over-large) model D (large) model Z (medium) model
Capacity of vehicles 6 n-5 (n=levels)
Lifting motor power 2-3level 2.2kw / 4-6level 3.7kw
Sliding motor power 0.2kw
Lifting speed 4-6m/min
Sliding speed 7-8m/min
Max. Noise ≤60dB(A)
Max. Collection time 82s
Lifting driven mode Steel rope
Control mode PLC
Operate mode Buttons, touch screen, ID Cards (option)
Power AC 3phase 380V/220V 50HA/60HZ