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Plane-Moving Intelligent Parking
Jun 20, 2017

Plane-Moving Intelligent Parking Basic Info

  • Model NO.: PPY-Z

  • Working Mode: Touch Screen,IC Card

  • Falling Prevention Device: Anti-Falling Hook

  • Design: Double Post

  • Lift Mode: Chain

  • Origin:  China

  • Type: Puzzle Parking System

  • Driving: Motor

  • The Vehicle Inlet and Outlet: Center

  • Certification: CE, ISO

  • Voltage: 220V/380V

  • Specification: CE, ISO

  • HS Code: 8428902000

Plane-Moving Intelligent Parking Product Description

Main technical parameters

ModelLarge carOversize car
Max. lifting  speed(m/min)20~50
Max. walking speed(m/min)60~100
Max. access speed(m/min)25~30
Lifting motor(KW)11~15
Walking motor(KW)2.2
Access speed(KW)1.1
Drive modeMotor+Chain(or wirerope)
Control modePLC
Operation modeTouch screen, IC  card
Layer No.2~6 layer
Parking plots  No.20~100 plots/garage

Plane-Moving Intelligent Parking General information:
The plane-moving parking equipment refers to the mechanical parking equipment, by which cars on the same layer can be moved in the plane with a carrier or crane or the car-carrying board can be subject to the plane moving, for the purpose of car parking and car retrieval. It is a common model used as the storage-type parking equipment. Moreover, it is characterized in the high intelligence, high-accuracy control, high-speed operation, large-scaled compacted design, multiple>Main compositions of equipment: Lifting and driving system, lift car (built-in revolving platform (optional)), transferring crane, steel framework, electric control system, etc.

Plane-Moving Intelligent Parking Operating principle:The transferring crane is used to complete the move of cars in the same layer and the lift car is used for car lifting. With their joint work, the parking and car retrieval process can be completed in the multi-level moving garage.

Plane-Moving Intelligent Parking Parking operation: The driver drives the car to the garage and opens the garage door. Then, the driver drives the car into the parking chamber under instruction on the automatic parking indicator panel in the garage. At that time, the detecting device measures the length, width and height of the car to ensure whether the car is suitable for parking. Then, the driver flames out the car, pulls the hand brake, gets off the car, closes the car door, quits from the parking chamber and closes the garage door. While the garage door is being closed, the personnel detecting device can detect whether there are personnel left in the parking chamber. If the said safety detection fails to be passed, the system will give alarms. Then, personnel in the center control room can notify the administrative personnel and driver via the interphone or speaker to adjust the car or ask the left personnel to leave the parking chamber. When the lift car carrying the car moves to the appointed layer, the car will be translated to the appointed spaced by the intelligent carrier. Then, the car parking is completed.

Plane-Moving Intelligent Parking Car retrieval operation: The driver or garage administrative inserts the parking card on the control panel or inputs orders on the operating panel. Then, the carrier will retrieve the appointed cart out and sent it to the lift car. Next, the lift car carrying the car will lift up to the entrance or exit layer and the garage door will automatically open. The driver drives the car out. Then, the car retrieval is completed.

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