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Mutrade Made 3t High Lifting Car Lift Elevator (VRC)
Nov 18, 2017

Mutrade Made 3t High Lifting Car Lift Elevator (VRC) Basic Info

  • Model NO.: VRC

  • Lifting Capacity: ≥5T

  • Certification: CE, ISO

  • Shearing Lift Type: Big Shear Type

  • Four Post Pit Car Lift Height (mm: 4000 - 6000

  • Length of Platfrom: 4000-6000 mm (on Request)

  • Lifting Height: 2500 - 5000 mm (on Request)

  • Power Supply: 380V 60Hz 3p

  • Production Time: 28 Days

  • Four Post Pit Car Lift Origin: China

  • Type: Double Cylinder Hydraulic Lift

  • Driving Type: Hydraulic

  • Driving Motor Number of Mechanical Lift: 1

  • Four Post Pit Car Lift Condition: New

  • Design: Four Post or Scissor

  • Width (mm): 2000 - 3500

  • Width of Platform: 2000 - 3500 mm (on Request)

  • Capacity: 2000 - 5000 Kg (on Request)

  • Finished Treatment: Spray Paint

  • Four Post Pit Car Lift Warranty: 5 Years Structure and 1 Year Part

  • Specification: CE/ISO9001

  • HS Code: 84289020

Mutrade Made 3t High Lifting Car Lift Elevator (VRC) Product Description

VRC is car elevator to convey cars from one floor to another floor.
There are four post model(FP-VRC) and scissor model(S-VRC) for choice. It could be used to convey goods or cars vertically. Scissor lift with 2 platforms also could  be used for pit parking lift.

Car transportation lift is the most humanized equipment among the series of lifting platform. Its platform, lifting height, capacity and control mode not only can be designed and manufactured based on customer's demand, but also can be produced with some special safety settings and can be designed as two floors platform for loading or parking.

  Because of its diversity, this series platform is widely used in production line in industrial, mining enterprises or pharmaceutical industries. It also can be used in other industries or situation, as goods elevator to transport cargo, or as vehicle lift to transport vehicle, or as goods handling machinery in storage, logistics warehouse, etc. No need to build such platform or steel frame as ancillary facilities, the platform hoists directly from the ground, and homework finished, the platform drops to flush with the ground state.

  Each unit lift has been tested and debugged in our factory, and all technical specifications meet the design requirements. Users only need to operate it as the following steps.

Necessary info for cost calculation:

Lifting capacity
Lifting height
Platform dimensions

Floor to Floor car elevator questionnaire :
1.      Is this an existing building or future project?

2.      What is the weight capacity of your vehicle?

3.      What are your platform size requirements?

4.      How many levels (floors) will the lift service?

5.      What is the distance of the vertical travel between floors?

6.      What is your load pattern to drive on, drive off? (C, Z)

7.      Do you have any special requirements? (wash down, explosion proof, outdoors)

8.      Will the lift be next to a mezzanine, through a floor or in a shaft?

9.      Do you require enclosures?  If yes, on how many sides?

10.  How often will the lift be used?  And is speed important?

11.  What are your electrical requirements?

12.  Would you prefer your lift to be surface mounted or pit-mounted?  (surface mounting would require drive-on ramps)

13.    Are there any obstructions above or around the lift area?

14.  What are the measurements from the floor to the underside of the ceiling?

15.  What is the clearance above the upper level? (this is very important)

16.  Can you provide a sketch or drawing of the site or application?

17.  What is your timeline for delivery?

18.  What State or Country is this project in?  (state codes may apply)

19.  Will there be riders on this lift?  (Class B elevator to meet safety codes if riders on Lift)

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