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Four-Six Level Lift/Sliding Parking System
Nov 07, 2017

Four-Six Level Lift/Sliding Parking System Basic Info

  • Model NO.: Puzzle Parking System

  • Working Mode: Remote Control/IC Card/Manual

  • Design: Four Post

  • Four Post Pit Car Lift Lift Mode: Chain

  • Available Car Size: 5000X1850X1550 (Mm, Lxwxh)/Customized

  • Sliding Speed: 8m/Min

  • Surface Treatment: Zinc Coating

  • Power: 4-15kw

  • Origin: China

  • Type: Puzzle Parking System

  • Four Post Pit Car Lift Driving: Dragging

  • Certification: CE, ISO, CCC

  • Voltage: 380V

  • Available Levels: 2-30

  • Gross Weigh: 1200kg/Parking Space

  • Lifting Speed: up to 28m/Min

  • Container Load: 17 Parking Spaces/40ft Container

  • Four Post Pit Car Lift Specification: CE, IOS, CCC

  • HS Code: 84289020

Four-Six Level Lift/Sliding Parking System Product Description

Four Level Lift/Sliding Parking System

Four-Six Level Lift/Sliding Parking System Operating Principle:
This equipment is three level and multi-column design, there's an empty parking space on ground and second level that can slide right or left.Cars parked/unparked by the lifting of car pallet on third and second level and the sliding of car pallet on second and ground level.Parking space on ground level can park/unpark car directly.When parking/unparking car on second or third level, the car pallet that underneath this car will slide right or left to leave an empty space for shift, so the car pallet load this car will reach the ground level, the car can be parked or unparked.The park/unpark process can be seen in below diagrams.

The car in red color is to be unparked.The equipment need to finish follow actions to unpark the car.
1.The middle car pallets that underneath the red car all slide one space to left.
2.The car pallet that load the red car shift down to the ground.
3.The red car finish unparked.
Note:The parking process is the same as the unparking process.The middle car pallets that underneath the vacant pallet on top level all slide one space to left, then the vacant pallet shift down to the ground.The pallet lift to top level when the car drive on steady and then finish car parking.

Four-Six Level Lift/Sliding Parking System Product Description
1.Realize multi levels parking, provide more parking spaces on limited ground area.
2.Can be install in basement, ground, or ground with pit.
3.Gear motor and gear chains drive for 2&3 level systems and steel ropes for 4, 5&6 level systems, low cost, low maintenance and high reliability.
4.Safety anti-falling hook is installed to prevent accident and failure, be sure whole system safety.
5.Smart operation panel, LCD display screen, button and card reader control system.
6.PLC control, easy operation, push button with card reader.
7.Photoelectric checking system which detect vehicle size
8.Steel construction with complete zinced after shot-blaster surface treatment, anti-corrosion time is more than 35 years
9.Emergency stop pushbutton, and interlock control system.
10.We can provide onsite installation and test guide service.

Four-Six Level Lift/Sliding Parking System Applicable Occasion
1.Ground and underground parking lots in residential area.
2.Commercial centre and office building.
3.Station and hospital

Suitable Parking CarsModelSmall CarMid-Size CarLarge CarOver Size Car
Car SizeLength*Width*HeightLength*Width*HeightLength*Width*HeightLength*Width*Height
Car Weight≤1300Kg≤1500Kg≤1700Kg≤2000Kg
Requirement SpaceA(MM)5250555058506150
Net Height(MM)≥3600≥3600≥3600≥3600
Motor PowerLift Motor2.2Kw2.2Kw2.2Kw2.2Kw
Sliding Motor0.2Kw0.2Kw0.2Kw0.2Kw
Rated SpeedLift Speed4.5M/Min4.5M/Min4.5M/Min4.5M/Min
Sliding Speed8.9M/Min8.9M/Min8.9M/Min8.9M/Min
Drive ModeMotor,ChainMotor,ChainMotor,ChainMotor,Chain
Power3 Phase 5 Wire 380V 50HZ
Control ModeButton,IC Card and Remote Control System
Surface TreatmentGalvanized or Painting
Column Width(MM)2300235024002450
Inner Width of Pallet(MM)1900195020002050

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