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Automatic Puzzel Parking System with CE
Oct 12, 2017


Automatic Puzzel Parking System with CE Basic Info.


Model NO.:PSH


Type:Puzzle Parking System


Puzzle Parking Design:Four Post


Certification:CE, ISO




Puzzle Parking Floor:1--6floor


Power Supply:Upon Requirement


Color:Upon Requirement


Specification:CE ISO




HS Code:84254290


Automatic Puzzel Parking System with CE Product Description

Automatic Puzzel Parking System with CE Parking lift:
Operation Principle:
Except the top floor, each floor has a spare parking space and front-rear guide rails. Each parking space has a pallet which moves horizontally on the guide rail. The pallets on the top floor make up-down movements while the ones on the ground floor make left-right horizontal movements, the other ones can move either left to right or up and down. Through continuous space shift, parking and fetch
1. Can be built according to the customer requirements, 2-5 layers, multi-layers, or multi-spaces are all possible.
2. Low cost, easy maintenance
3. Simple demand of earthwork, Wide applicability, can be arranged and combined according to
Variety landform and extensity, suitable for construction and reconstruction of overground and
Underground garage
Automatic Puzzel Parking System with CE Main structure:
1. Steel structure
2. Pallet
3. Moving system
4. Control system
5. Safe-guard system
Operation Principle
The top pallets can move up and down while the second, third, forth pallets can move either left to right or up and down. There is a
Spare parking space on the second, third, forth floor whose position can be changed through the horizontal shift of the pallets. Then the top pallet
Right over the spare parking space can go down to the bottom floor. Cars on the bottom pallet can go in and out of the parking system directly.

Automatic Puzzel Parking System with CE Charalteristic
1. Multiple parking cars to the limited parking space, save a great deal of room
2. PLC control, easy operation, convenient parking. IC card, touch screen or turnkey mode are all possible.
3.4-point suspending wire rope for driving system, stable movement, ensure the safety of the up and down of the cars.
4. Falling-proof system increases safety factor, avoid falling accident
5. Photoelectric checking system which controls car standard and parking place.
6. Photoelectric security checking, automatically stop when people goes in by accident.
7. Emergency stop pushbutton, avoid accident
8. High-quality steel, inside and outside thermal-galvanization, imported international name-brand electric control components.
9. High security and wear well    


Project UNIT Technical feature parameter
Length X width X high Mm Go to the parking stall :≤5000×1850×1550  
Get off the parking stall:≤5000×1850×2050  
Weight kg Go to the parking stall :≤1700  
Get off the parking stall:≤1850  
Width mm 2500  
Length mm 6300  
Number of vehicles
to be accommodating
vehicles 3N-2
Elevating m/mm 6-8  
Horizontal-moving m/mm 7-10  
Elevating KW 2.2  
Horizontal-moving KW 0.4  
Hoist or lower the drive way Roller chain , steel wire rope
Operation type Ten keys, Touch screen,IC Card(optional)
Power 3N,AC,380V,50Hz

Automatic Puzzel Parking System with CE.jpg