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2016 Agent Annual Congress Of Summaries And Commendations Was Held In DaYang Parking
Feb 28, 2017

1.代理合影.jpg February 22th,2017.All the sales Agent came to DaYang Head office to attend the 8th Agent annual meeting in DaYang hotel.Chairman of DaYang Parking Mr.Li XiangQi and General Manager Mr.Li TianTong attended the meeting.


First day of the meeting,Chairman Mr.Li XiangQi made a summary of agent sales work in 2016.All agent worked hard,finished the task and exceed the target.Our agents from all over the word had made great sales volume of mechanical car parking system, especially the puzzle parking system, tower parking system and the comb automatic parking system. DaYang brand car parking system became famous and welcomed for city parking solution.



 Second day of the meeting, DaYang held Award Ceremony for all our DaYang parking system agents.After that, there was banquet in the hotel, everyone cheered and celebrated the biggest harvest, and wish another good year of mechanical parking system in 2017.


 Third day of the meeting, products training was held in DaYang company. We showed our main parking systems and new design parking solutions to all agents, wich included normal vertical horizontal parking system(puzzle parking),tower parking system, comb fully automatic parking system,pit type car parking lift,two post and four post car lift,car stacker parking, plane moving parking,car elevator, rotary parking system,circular car parking system and so on.

 After that, we visited the production line, advanced production line will produce best car parking system for all the clients.